Traveling With Baby

traveling-with-babyNo matter how good your baby is, traveling with a little one can be a stressful, trying time! With some careful preparation you can make the trip memorable for all of the right reasons!

  1. First, don’t forget your baby’s most important toy…the one thing that you know will calm them, help them sleep and keep them entertained!
  2. Pack enough clothes. Pack more than you need. Then pack some more. You’ll be happy that you did.
  3. Don’t assume you can pick up what you need when you get to your destination. What if you’re delayed by a storm or a grounded plane? Take what you need in the beginning.
  4. Bring snacks…and like with clothes, bring a LOT. Emergencies can happen and you may need more than you think!
  5. Bring the stroller…you may think that you are going to carry the baby everywhere and not have to haul the stroller around, but in the end carrying the stroller is easier than carrying the baby when you get tired!

What are some things you always carry with you when you travel with the baby?