About the Book – Family Vacations Create Magical Memories MV13_Cover

What do you remember the most about growing up? What magical memory do you have about your family? If you’re like the 30 families whose members shared their heartfelt memories in 30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations, it’s probably a magical moment or place shared on a family vacation. When most people look back on their lives, it is often that special vacation that stands out.

Elisa Taylor, owner of World Less Traveled, has written this inspiring book 30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations, which contains not only 30 beautiful stories about family vacations, but also descriptions, details, and recommendations on the various destinations. By reading this book you will learn about:

•   30 destinations, from Paris to Antigua, and from Hawaii to Oklahoma

•   Personal stories about family travel

•   Funny, real moments shared about these adventures

•   Specific details about destination, lodging, tours, and places to visit

For more information, download the media kit (PDF). If you would like to buy the book, click here. The book is also available on Amazon and coming to various bookstores. It is also available in Kindle, Nook and iBook.

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