Keep It Cool

Traveling during this heat? Here are some ways to keep cool! Water Keep a damp bandana or towel handy and wear it on your...

You Think You Don’t Need Insurance?

Many people wonder why they should pay for travel or car rental insurance. It just seems like an extra step…and not worth the extra...

The Right Hiking Boots

The most important thing you can do when you are going hiking is think about your footwear. If your feet are unhappy then the...

Creating Lasting Family Memories

worldclick2*Instead of giving your kid a time out, give them time outside exploring the world with you.

*Are you too busy taking care of your family to plan your next family vacation?

*Would you like to ditch the virtual world to explore the real one with your family but are unsure of where to start?

World Less Traveled works with families who want to spend quality time together exploring the world while giving each family member something just for them. We create family vacations that are relaxing and fun-filled. Take a journey to remember!

Our complete travel services include:

• Custom packages designed specifically for your unique needs
• Activities for adults, teens, kids and toddlers
• Air travel booking for a nominal fee
• Hotel recommendations and selections
• Cruise ship package booking
• Ground transportation
• Tours and excursions
• Complete customer support – call us anytime during your trip!

Let us help plan your next vacation! For more information contact Elisa Taylor at 530-885-1307 or email